Jul 26, 2010

Hand Made Cardboard Fan

As has been a very hot summer.
My daughter just returned from Verona Italy where it was in the high 90's.
Waiting for the start of the Opera , in  Arena deVerona , one of the most beautiful colossoeum in Italy, my daughter discribes the audience fanning themselves with colorful paper fans.
Using recycle cardboard packaging I cut out 4 panels to make this fan.
I taped the 4 panels with masking tape to a large A3 paper so that they can design the fan. One side was done with pastals and the use of a cardboard stancil of a heart.
Then, turned all 4 panels that are still connected with the tape,  the reverse side was designed using markers and stickers. We cut the tape to seerate the peices, you can see the tape as part of the design.
We made holes as seen above to connect with a butterfly pin.
Once the handle was closed with the 4 pannels inside  I cut small trianges on the side so that the fun will open to a fuller fan, you can see the cut clearly below. 

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