Jun 21, 2010

Complementary Colors - SUN

To complete the color wheel we did the Sun, using the complementary colors yellow and purple.

Step 1: rip purple color strips of paper and glue around the cardboard to pruduce a frame.
Step 2: with prerolled magazine and masking tape they created the sun rays.
Step 3: paint yellow on the sun rays and background.
Step 4: while the artwork is drying, they created the purple shell that you see on the sun. I precut shell and they glued color sand.

Jun 13, 2010

complementary Colors - Blue and Orange

To continue with the Color Wheel this artproject is with the complementry colors blue and orange. Last week we did red and green
Step 1: creat a 3D fish, I gave out a photocopy drawing of fish. After creating round paper balls from newspaper they glued the round balls inside the line of fish. Then they glued a top layer of paper, pressing to form shape of fish.
We let it dry while they created the background.

Step 2: The Background is made with a precut stencil of a fish made of cardboard. They drew with color orange red and yellow using oil pastel and the fish stencil to create a background full of fish.
Using blue guache mixed with water they painted the water.

Step 3: I pre-painted magazin paper with the color orange and cut them to strips to be glued on the 3D fish.
Once I cut around the fish shape they glued the strips on the fish and added eyes with the blue pastal color.

Jun 7, 2010

Complementary Colors, Summer

Inspired from the season's watermelon I started the Summer working on the complementary colors red and green.

I photocopied 4 summer illustration to work from; watermelon,wind surf,a hat or apples.
I prepared stripes of color green paper for the members to tire as the first step of this project. The red was precut ready to glue.

Around the summer theme they painted red and green.

paper flower carpet for spring

Inspired by Infiorata Festival celebrating Spring in Italy we made our paper napkin flower carpet.
After painting the green background I gave a precut cardboard flower to each member.
I precut 4 different color paper napkin to choose from. They choose two colors and created small round balls to create the carpet.

Inforala at work