Mar 30, 2012

Blue & White Dove

... honoring our blue and white flag and the dove of peace. 
 I found that my adults autism liked to work with stickers, they all created wonderful patterns. 

-The background is painted blue, white was mixed with the blue to make it a personal blue.
- choose a blue or white precut dove and decorate it with stickers
- glue on background
- add stickers, white pastel and bluemarker

Mar 9, 2012

Citrus Fruit- Circle Stancil

The season for the Citrus fruits is during the winter, so a couple of weeks ago all my classes did the artwork "citrus fruit", a great art lesson  the shape circle and mixing red and yellow to form orange.

For the upper grades they worked on a precut cardboard circle, they drew a circle using the stencil and glued a photocopy of a citrus fruit in the middle.

They formed roundshape balls from plasticine and pressed them on the linedrawing of the circle.

They colored the citrus fruit with the orange they mixed using red and yellow.

The 2nd grade students artproject was to extend the photo copy of the citrues fruit.
They used the stancil to drew more circular shape fruits.
Then they mixed red and yellow to create orange and painted the drewing.

Precut green leaves were added.

Mar 2, 2012

Art for the Purim Carnival

This is my #100 post, wow! for the Purim Carnival is perfect.
Pirates Hat, tomorrow we have a treasure hunt.
Below, eye mask with  personal  hand print. 

Print mask, colorful and bright.

Zebra mask done like the double sided mask , we worked on one side but it would be great to make another animal on the other side.
 A Purim clown with the 3 SHAPES done by a first grade special education student.