Sep 30, 2010

Personal Chamsa from Clay

  This Chamsa (Arabic) a lucky talisman shaped like a hand was done in that same technique as the  clay and color sand artproject.

After forming many round shape clay balls covered with color sand, they drew with the marker their left hand on the cardboard.
Small dry branches they broke to size are used to decorate.

A layer of glue mixed with sparkling paint a bit water down was brushed on the whole  project.


Sep 15, 2010

Hanging Holiday Picture

This photo is the back and front of a hanging holiday art project.
After choosing 2 illustrations to decorate; they glued it on a A3 bristol paper.
While the glue dryed they embossed the aluminium sheet for hanging.
Around the illustrations I added lines as can be seen in the photo, as a starting point to design the decoration. They continued the line to create a pattern to color; each making an original design.  
The A3 bristol is folded in 2, and put together with a staple to the alluminum hanger.
We used wooden sticks that were cut from a decrative fance that was about to be thrown away. 
They should be hang in the middle so that both sides can be seen.

Sep 12, 2010

Holiday Mobil

Another artproject for the holiday, 2 object mobil using tissue paper, torn white paper , pastels and a disposible degradable plate. 
Below is the combine photo of the mobile, front and back veiw of the same artproject.
After making snake shape pieces from tissue paper they choose either to design a pomegrant or a fish; after glueing the drawing to cardboard they glues the snake shape on photo copy line drawing.
While it dryed they tore white paper making small peices as feathers to cover the prcut recycle cardboard dove, glued the torn paper and added greetings.
The first object was cut and the reverse side was designed with color pastels.
To frame the object we used disposible degradeble plate that I precut the middle, we stapled the object to the plate.
The plate frame makes it easy to put together with a ribbon.

Sep 2, 2010

Printmaking for the Jewish NewYear

This year I want work on prints, and our first project is this Jewish New Year Greetings.

The first thing they did is create the heart print design; they glued precut cardboard hearts I prepared.
While the hearts dryed they designed the Chamsha (in the middle) with pastals, using a stancil of the eye to start the design.

Then they started printing on transparent paper.
The round print is done on coins to wish aboundance; next to that there are smiley stickers to wishing happiness.

Now I see that printmaking is not easy; it is importent to supervise.
I need to the importance of printing more then one time to acheive a clear print.