Sep 12, 2010

Holiday Mobil

Another artproject for the holiday, 2 object mobil using tissue paper, torn white paper , pastels and a disposible degradable plate. 
Below is the combine photo of the mobile, front and back veiw of the same artproject.
After making snake shape pieces from tissue paper they choose either to design a pomegrant or a fish; after glueing the drawing to cardboard they glues the snake shape on photo copy line drawing.
While it dryed they tore white paper making small peices as feathers to cover the prcut recycle cardboard dove, glued the torn paper and added greetings.
The first object was cut and the reverse side was designed with color pastels.
To frame the object we used disposible degradeble plate that I precut the middle, we stapled the object to the plate.
The plate frame makes it easy to put together with a ribbon.

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