Jun 29, 2013

Paul Klee artwork with Stancil and Color Tissue Paper

Today is the anniversary of Paul Klee's death.
His great quote: "Drawing is like taking a line for a walk."

I made cardboard stancil to drew Curve LINES as waves for the grid on the background

The bright color tree is color tissue paper glued on black pastal line drawing on prcut cardboard shapes.

This is inspired by Paul Klee art
The Waters of March

lisen to Art Garfunkel - Waters of March 
this is reposting,
this is one of my favorite project, adult students w/Autism of all levels
for details check back Trip to Eilat insired by Paul Klee ,


Jun 9, 2013

Artwork Youtube Presentation

 I am so proud of the artwork my student created !
presentation from last year, Special Education Public School
 viewed by 335 people

Jun 7, 2013

Personal Hand, End of the Year Artwork

waving goodbye to the school year, hello summer! 
Personal HAND artproject, ,
The older classes, young teens SpcialEd, made a collage, using precut circle for the background.

his background was so well done that I encouraged
 him to glue the hand on the left of the background.
The younger group, 2nd grade special education,  worked with crayon only on large color paper.
They waited patiently for me to draw around their hands and then colored in and around the hand shape. This made it very personal drawing