Jan 31, 2010


Great artproject, you can see the result.

Step 1. To start all cardboard had a thick, 1 inch masking tape taped it, as the trunk of the tree. Each member had his roll of 1/4 inch masking tape to create branches to the tree.
Step 2. They colored with oil pastel the cardboard.
Step 3. They pulled the masking tape of the cardboard and with water down paint colored the tree; there was only brown and blue paint on the table.
Step 4. I gave out precut cardboard shaped as a hill and precut magazine paper all taken from nature scene. The member created the collage hill.
Step 5. Glued magazine collage below tree.

Jan 25, 2010

Branches of Almond Tree Bouquet

Once a year we celebrate nature, as the almond tree white flower blossom.
The first thing we did is rip white paper to form 2X2inch piece of paper. They wrinked the paper to create round balls, then bal paper were rolled in either gold or silver paint as you see below.Once all the paper balls were rolled in paint we set them to dry while we created the almond tree branches.

Below is Van Gogh's Branches of Almond Tree Painting

The flower buds are made from white tissue paper that was first rolled in to a snake shape; then folded in half and attached to the branch with color plasticine.
One of the members decorated the branch with only round drops of plasticine.

This pot is filled with earth from the garden so that the branches stand well in it.
The pot is a cardboard box covered with a collage made with the rolled paper the members created at the start of the project. Once that paper is almost dry we opened the rolled paper and glued it on all the sides of the box, a beautiful design we created.
The bottom part of the pot is a plastice container we put because of fear that the box will not hold, it was painted in gold paint by two members of the group.

Jan 13, 2010

The Cyclaman Plant

Another sign of winter, the cyclaman plant blooming between to rocks, they are very beautiful.
A three step art project that came out beautiful to everyone in all my groups.

Step 1: Mix the color red and white to get pink. Paint photocopy illustration of 3 flowers. We pasted the copypaper on cardboard to make it thicker and let it dry.

Step 2: Leaves design, using precut heart shape stancil and color pastels they drew leaves on color cardboard,(size A4 which I riped a quarter from the top to give it have a natural look and that at the end it will fit on a A4 size board). They moved the stencil and colored the leave filling the whole paper using diffrent shades of greens or mixing green with out colors.
I pointed out the leave design, some drew with color and some used a sharp tool to engrave the design.

Step 3: Using precut box cardboard they glued a design that gives an impression of a rock or gardenpot.

My high level students cut the pink flower by themselves and for the rest I cut out the flowers that were painted pink.
They glued the 3 parts of the project together.

Jan 11, 2010

The Almond Tree

In the winter the almond tree blossoms with beautiful white flowers.

Step 1: glue photocopy of the almond tree.
Using black pastel they drew over the branches in the photo and continue them through out the board.
Step 2: Then they painted in between the lines of the tree.

Step 3: on a cardboard I helped draw the shape of the flower of the almond tree.
Step 4: they fill the shape with plasticine to make a stamp for print.
Step 5: print the flower with white paint all over the tree.