Dec 29, 2011

Winter, The Cyclaman Plant

My favorite wild  flower is the Cyclaman, that blooms in the beginning of the winter.The flower has lovely shape leaves, shaped like a heart and  each leaf is  beautifuly  designed with a mix of greens.
So with some of my high students we used stancil to make leaves and with the rest I cut heart shape leaves out of the paper the students painted in green a week before.
We work on color, mixing white and red for pink.

Dec 22, 2011

Broken line texture, Channuka Oil Jar

 The first step they did is brush  cooking oil
on the precut color cardboard jug (same as  "Oil Jug, Pastels with oil")
 Next, they wrinked the jar shape color paper to a small
round ball to form the broken line texture you see on  the jar.
Open thr wrinkled jar and glue it on heavy board,
Drew with oil pastels around the jar to form a border design.

Last, paint with gold guache on top, the gold paint goes deep in side the wrinkles paper and lighter where there is pastel and brushed cooking oil.

Dec 21, 2011


The holiday Chanukka is the the holiday of "Light", using the precut dreidle cardboard stancial all my students made this colorful and bright artproject

They used metalic silver and gold pastels with the stencil.

In some of the classes I added cooking oil to rub the pastels, oil being another holiday symbol.

...they painted bright orange and nyon yellow to make this  a very bright artwork.

Dec 5, 2011

Autumn Leaves and Colors

using the cardboard stancil of the circle we made this coloful Autumn Leave collage.
I photocopy a leaf I collected in the garden.

In class they drew the circle using the stancil.

Glue the photocopy leave inside the circle.

Glue cutout shape leaves cut from colorfull pages of old magazine around the circle they drew.

Paint everything in the collors of the falling leaves orange and red .