May 12, 2013

Mother's Day art project

  " A Very Special Momemt in My Life" paper art,  was done for a class assignment about 10 years ago. The PhotoShop finish photo is of us, my first child (daughter Liron), my wonderful  mother,  holding her first grand child and me as we got home from the hospital. 
 Today, this being the first year my mother is not with us, I took it off the top shelf (where it sits, for I have no heart to throw it away) and felt the need to share.
This is a paper cover ballon combined with a empty shoe box,
On the outside color red tissue paper and inside  silver wallpaper.

 Quote of the Day God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.Rudyard Kipling  

May 5, 2013

Personal Art PaperBag Profolio, Special Ed School

 At the end of last year each student went home with a beautiful colorful paperbag portfolio

They worked on a 1/2 of a cardboard

I went around the table and gave each student (special Education) one at a time strips of masking tape, about 10 striped, 10 to 14 c"m long.

They pressed it on the board to form a design.

- first they colored with pastels
- then with gauche paint

...even when painted in one color, the masking tape form a lovely texture.

I cut their art work in half and glued it to the paperbag