Oct 23, 2011

Eucalyptus Tree Bark

We had a great morning walk in Park Hayarkon, the central park of Tel Aviv.
The path along the river with the eucalyptus trees is wonderful.

Seeing that all the fresh bark around the trees as we were walking I decided to gather some bark for a future art project.

I not sure what we will do with it, but I love the texture, so....

 ...do you have a suggestions ?

...promise to post. 

Oct 12, 2011

Abstract Sukkah

I  started the Jewish New Year with a new teaching job, I teach students age 7 to 21 with  disabilites in a public school for special education only. The school has 8 classes,  with 10 children in a class.
Most art classes are taught in smaller groups, there were 5 teen students in this class.

This abstact art, forming a  bower- a Sukka  for the Jewish holiday Sukkot.
Formed with strips of masking tape, same technic as art project "tree"

-first  striped of masking tape to form the structure of the Sukka
- with pastels drew different textures inside the
- water down guach to color
- take off masking tape