Sep 22, 2012

Foliage Collage and Color Tissue Paper, Henri Matisse

Insired by 'Tree of Life' Stained Glass by Henri Matisse

Using full sheet of semi transparent sandwich paper, glueing leaves and color tissue paper folding in the middle and adding stick for hanging.
Same as we did "Holiday Light, Inspired by Chihuly" artproject , here wool and color tissue paper are glued in side , pressed on a bowl to form a candle holder for the holiday.


This is how it lookes when the glue is still wet before forming shape.
I image that using transparent paper would be even more exciting .

Sep 1, 2012

Rosh Hashana Artwork

The Jewish Holidays are just about  here, I can see a lot of visiters  looking for holiday ideas. here a another sucssessful project posted over 2 years ago.  

This 2-side hanging art is a project done by adult with autism.

This photo is the back and front of the smea art project.

After choosing 2 illustrations to decorate; they glued it on a A3 bristol paper.
While the glue dryed they embossed the aluminium sheet for hanging.
Around the illustrations I added lines as can be seen in the photo, as a starting point to design the decoration. They continued the line to create a pattern to color; each making an original design.  
The A3 bristol is folded in 2, and put together with a staple to the alluminum hanger.
We used wooden sticks that were cut from a decrative fance that was about to be thrown away. 
They should be hang in the middle so that both sides can be seen.