Sep 1, 2012

Rosh Hashana Artwork

The Jewish Holidays are just about  here, I can see a lot of visiters  looking for holiday ideas. here a another sucssessful project posted over 2 years ago.  

This 2-side hanging art is a project done by adult with autism.

This photo is the back and front of the smea art project.

After choosing 2 illustrations to decorate; they glued it on a A3 bristol paper.
While the glue dryed they embossed the aluminium sheet for hanging.
Around the illustrations I added lines as can be seen in the photo, as a starting point to design the decoration. They continued the line to create a pattern to color; each making an original design.  
The A3 bristol is folded in 2, and put together with a staple to the alluminum hanger.
We used wooden sticks that were cut from a decrative fance that was about to be thrown away. 
They should be hang in the middle so that both sides can be seen.

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