Aug 30, 2012

School Display Board

Last year part of my job was designing and illustrating the majoy displayboards in the public special ed. school where I taught.
                                           another display board with the theme "I Am" 
 Above is a small "Welcome" board. 
Below was based for the schoolyear's theme a "Healthy Way of Living"
"health diet", "being a friend", "personal hygiene", "being fit" and  "me and my enviroment". 

A  small sign language card was displayed by each illustrations 

Aug 9, 2012

mobile, seashells

...this was posted 3 summers ago, it is a great summer project. using recycled cardboard and color sand.
This summer project, cardboard mobile "shells" was hanged on the outside swing.

First they created the cardboard collage; on a pre cut recycled cardboard they glued squared shape precut cardcoard. After covering one side of the cardboard they turned the cardboard over and glued shapes on the reverse side. This step was repeated at least twice, and then put aside to dry.

The second object on the mobile is made from wavy cardboard. The shape was stapled to create a 3 dimension shape looking like a shell. The wavy side (outer side) is painted with gauche. For the inner side, I added glue to the paint and with a spoon color sand was poured on the object.

Aug 4, 2012

Design PaperBag as ArtBag

both side of the bag are half the artwork done with: masking tape, pastels and paint on a lage 35X50Cm sheet. You can see the effect of the masking tape on the closeup photo below. They loved creating the masking tape design. Beautiful!