Nov 30, 2011

Circle Paint

wow ! looks like a lot of fun.
lots of great photo in website :

Nov 28, 2011

Plasticine Frame

A week after we made the ",circle with plasticine" we made this colorful mix media collage.

Each student choose a photo.

1. frame around the photo with plasticine,  using round shape balls technique.
2. tear strip of color paper and create a collage around the frame.
3. add a layer of glue on top of the plasticine frame.

Nov 21, 2011

Snail mix midia

Last week all my classes did some form of the "Snail".
I love the shape of the snail and I try to do it each year.
Snails from past years: "Snail, Winter Collage",
"snail,recycle + mix media"

- excercise to follow the line,
a 2nd grade special education class.

The older kids worked with eucalyptus trees bark, that I collected a few weeks ago in the park.

They enjoyed breaking the bark to small chips.

Nov 16, 2011

Shapes, Circle with Plasticine

Keeping with my objective this year of teaching "Shapes", my teen age special ed. classes created those colorful artworks 

  1. First thing create many round shape balls from plasticine.
  2. Using  precut cardboard stancil  they drew the circle
  3. Paint outside and inside the circle in 2 different colors.
 My after thought, it can be a good way to work on the COLOR WHEEL- using Primary Colors paints and  Secondary Colors plasticine.

Nov 12, 2011

Squill Plant sign of the Fall Season

The first sign of the Fall season is the sqill plant (chazav).
A tall plant that stands so high almost reaching the sky, that made me think of creating a blue background as the sky and creating a standing format.
I had this cardboard from wine bottle packaging.
They mixed blue and white for the sky, I intended that white clouds would be formed.

While the paint dried they formed small shape balls from riped white paper. 
They drew a line for the stem on all 3 parts of cardbourd and glued the white flowers to form the squill plant.

...let it dry and fold the cardboard to three.

see "mix media, squill flower" for another artproject of the squill plant .



Nov 7, 2011

Circle Stancil, Wheels

Teaching "Shapes" is my objective this year working in a special education school.

I love to work with stancils, all students are able to creat the shape.  
See artproject done with different stencials, leaves, hearts, fish shapes.
 this WHEELS was done with a group of 2nd grader.

After the circles they glued precut stripes of reused wrapping paper.

I made the circle stancils from used cardboard box  a few years ago of a  special event art project "Bicycle".