Aug 23, 2010

Art Project for the Jewish New Year

Aluminum sheets are always great for a holiday.
Mix media, 2 layered holiday greeting held together with a pink ribbon.

They used cardboard stancil of a fish and colored the background with pastels, fish being a symbol of the holiday.
With a drop of oil, using cotton ball they rubbed on and around the color, making the colors a deeper and brighter .
Added a line drawing in dark pastel for details, as outline, holiday symbols and text.

While the oil evaporated they received a piece of aluminume foil.
They choose either a pomegrant or chamsha stencil to draw on the aluminum foil. Used a pencil they embossed a design.
The shape was than cut, put together with the ribbon and at the end they added holiday greeting.

See another Jewish NewYear Artprojects: Jewish New Year project and printmaking .

Aug 21, 2010

Beetle shell ceiling

1.6 million buprestidae shells were glued to the ceiling of the Royal Palace in Brussels.
The project is by artist Jan Fabre and his team of 30 beetle gluers.

Aug 3, 2010

Aluminum Mosaic Frame

Before the summer break we made this mosaic frame.
  • The mosaic are precut cardboard wrapped in aluminum kitchen foil.

Step 1: they painted the board and, while it dryed, they made the aluminum mosiaic pieces.
Step 2: glue a rectangle the size of a photo in the middle and make a frame around it with the mosaic pieces.
Step 3: Using a not sharp pencil to emboss a pattern on each piece.
Step 4: Using a sponge  to smear  paint gently on each peice so that the paint gets in the emboss pattern.

They choose a photo to place in the frame.