Mar 21, 2010

Embossed Aluminium Goblet

Aluminium art is wonderful, this time we conbined it with colored sand.
Photos were taken while the glue is still wet.
Step 1: Paint the board black to make a dramatic background, put to dry.
Step 2: Work on precut aluminum foil sheet shaped as goblet.I gave out ruler and soft not too sharp pencial to make vertical lines across the goblet as you can see on the first artwork.
Then they drew shapes in between the lines, they turned the aluminum sheet over and using the pencial they filled in the shape to make the embossed design.

Step 3: On the dry black painted board they brushed a heavy layer of glue.
In the middle the pressed the goblet and around it they poured color sand with a spoon. With a sharp stick or with the pencial they scratch a design in the color sand.

another Passover holiday artproject with aluminium

Mar 3, 2010

Masks - Double-Sided - 2 Colors

After making the colorful mask (last post)I wanted to make dramatic black and white mask.

Searching in the internet for a creative mask I found a mask that had this eye opening that you see in the above image. There is a straight cut from the side that is later stapled together to form a slit curve around the face. I loved that idea and decided to develop that idea in to a 2 color mask. Once I started to cut the form I realized that by folding the paper in two you can create a double sided mask.

We started with the white part since it needs time to dry after they glued torn black and white newspaper they riped themselves.They worked on the whole A4 constraction paper that was later folded to create half a mask.
In the above photo what you see is the black constraction paper before it is folded into two and the white paper(turned the wronge way, nose opening to the top, sorry)after it is folded.
On the black constraction paper they drew with white pastels and decorated with white stickers only.

We helped punch 2 holes to both parts of the masks, The yellow arrows I added with photoshop to show holes. 2 additional holes were made on the top sides to tie the mask around face or together to make a chain to hang.
Working with my individual students I used the same idea to make a very colorful mask.