Aug 22, 2013

paper handmade bowl design with swirling pot lid

Yesterday  after working with watercolor paper I was left with one very wet paper so I decided to experiment with the paper.
 - I placed the wet paper in a plate to shape it into a bowl and let it dry.
- once it dryed I started experimented with the paint.
- you can see the drops of ink, I brushed the ink with wet brush creating the yellowish background. 
- than, working in the kitchen I saw the pot lid and the idea came together to use the pot lid as a swirling base and making the lines with a brush as I turn the lid with the other hand.
SOOOO much FUN!! 

 - brush glue on the both top and bottom of bowl

Jul 27, 2013


my first ecourse, and I love it!

it is a 5 week e-course
SEEDBEDSTUDIO with artist /teacher Pauline Agnew 
... this week we are doing mono printing
this is my ducks in the water

 Using cut out shapes and printing ink

- the lines are formed by drawing with a pencil or any  not so sharp object on the back of the print paper 
                    as seen in the above photo
- for wing effect I  tore the shape

I love doing PRINTMAKING with my students!!
 check my students birds print   

photo below shows layers for print


Jun 29, 2013

Paul Klee artwork with Stancil and Color Tissue Paper

Today is the anniversary of Paul Klee's death.
His great quote: "Drawing is like taking a line for a walk."

I made cardboard stancil to drew Curve LINES as waves for the grid on the background

The bright color tree is color tissue paper glued on black pastal line drawing on prcut cardboard shapes.

This is inspired by Paul Klee art
The Waters of March

lisen to Art Garfunkel - Waters of March 
this is reposting,
this is one of my favorite project, adult students w/Autism of all levels
for details check back Trip to Eilat insired by Paul Klee ,


Jun 9, 2013

Artwork Youtube Presentation

 I am so proud of the artwork my student created !
presentation from last year, Special Education Public School
 viewed by 335 people

Jun 7, 2013

Personal Hand, End of the Year Artwork

waving goodbye to the school year, hello summer! 
Personal HAND artproject, ,
The older classes, young teens SpcialEd, made a collage, using precut circle for the background.

his background was so well done that I encouraged
 him to glue the hand on the left of the background.
The younger group, 2nd grade special education,  worked with crayon only on large color paper.
They waited patiently for me to draw around their hands and then colored in and around the hand shape. This made it very personal drawing


May 12, 2013

Mother's Day art project

  " A Very Special Momemt in My Life" paper art,  was done for a class assignment about 10 years ago. The PhotoShop finish photo is of us, my first child (daughter Liron), my wonderful  mother,  holding her first grand child and me as we got home from the hospital. 
 Today, this being the first year my mother is not with us, I took it off the top shelf (where it sits, for I have no heart to throw it away) and felt the need to share.
This is a paper cover ballon combined with a empty shoe box,
On the outside color red tissue paper and inside  silver wallpaper.

 Quote of the Day God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.Rudyard Kipling  

May 5, 2013

Personal Art PaperBag Profolio, Special Ed School

 At the end of last year each student went home with a beautiful colorful paperbag portfolio

They worked on a 1/2 of a cardboard

I went around the table and gave each student (special Education) one at a time strips of masking tape, about 10 striped, 10 to 14 c"m long.

They pressed it on the board to form a design.

- first they colored with pastels
- then with gauche paint

...even when painted in one color, the masking tape form a lovely texture.

I cut their art work in half and glued it to the paperbag

Apr 9, 2013

Upcycle Projects- Plastic Bag Graffiti


As a community art project I want to cover the city with graffiti upcycled plastic bags, bring up the awareness of the keeping our earth save.
As a start I made this "Figure, Bird and friend " on the neighbhood fance.






   . . . I will post more if and when the project develops

 In the past  I posted, my upcycled plastic bags creations

other great Ideas you can  see:

 The Chocolate Muffin Tree for great ideas  23 Recycled Projects For Earth Day

Chiquita Moms community posted Turning Trash Into Treasure: Upcycle Crafts for Mom and Kids

Mar 6, 2013

" I AM" School Display

  Another school display, this year theme is "I AM"

 my family

my original sketch and below is the final display board  
I Am, My Family, My Town and My Country

Feb 15, 2013

Collage Mask

I am hiding behind the mask
For the Purim Holiday!

Jan 27, 2013

Gustav Klint, Death and LIfe

Gustav Klimt described this painting, which was honoured
with a first prize at the 1911 International Art Exhibition in Rome,
 as his most important figurative work. memory of my mother Elsa, who passed away 1.1. 2013, you will be in my heart forever.

Jan 25, 2013

Panciil Drawing, Hair

This photo was taken years ago at a student art show.
 I think this can be a great project

*It has been a long time since my last post.