Apr 22, 2014

Only Blue &White

Blue and White
 all around to celebrate Israel Independent Day
plasticine line design on clear sheet , tracing line drawings
on cardboard painted blue.
 border design with white pastel
autistic adults art project

special education 2nd grade

* REUSE prepainted acrilic paint on magazine pages, great base to draw with pastels

autistic adults art project

Apr 12, 2014

REuse Plastic Bottle, SPRING

 this is a eco artproject we did in spring (passover) camp with 130 kids, 1st + 2nd grade

step 1- draw on transparent paper (clear sandwich paper) with pastels, the kids coped and colored Spring images of a bug, butterfly and flower.

step 2- on reused telephone book page they glued stripes of precut magazine pages.

step3- brush bottle with glue and press color reused  magazine stripes around the bottle.

step4- put glue on transparent drawing(side of pastels drawing) and wrap around the color magazine stripes layer.

great job! happy holiday!

Mar 23, 2014

sharing a Daffodil

this week our daffodil bloomed 
welcome Spring !

my painting "daffodil" 
painted on reused floorplan
...this is my first post this year 2014

I was inspired to share after  reading "Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists" blog
...."As Picasso said, "Bad artists copy. Good artists steal." Feel free to steal any ideas you like and use them in your own way. It's extra nice when you link back, so the chain of sharing grows stronger. Big thanks to those teachers who share their ideas for the benefit of kids in art classes everywhere!".....Thank you Mrs Knight

Aug 22, 2013

paper handmade bowl design with swirling pot lid

Yesterday  after working with watercolor paper I was left with one very wet paper so I decided to experiment with the paper.
 - I placed the wet paper in a plate to shape it into a bowl and let it dry.
- once it dryed I started experimented with the paint.
- you can see the drops of ink, I brushed the ink with wet brush creating the yellowish background. 
- than, working in the kitchen I saw the pot lid and the idea came together to use the pot lid as a swirling base and making the lines with a brush as I turn the lid with the other hand.
SOOOO much FUN!! 

 - brush glue on the both top and bottom of bowl

Jul 27, 2013


my first ecourse, and I love it!

it is a 5 week e-course
SEEDBEDSTUDIO with artist /teacher Pauline Agnew 
... this week we are doing mono printing
this is my ducks in the water

 Using cut out shapes and printing ink

- the lines are formed by drawing with a pencil or any  not so sharp object on the back of the print paper 
                    as seen in the above photo
- for wing effect I  tore the shape

I love doing PRINTMAKING with my students!!
 check my students birds print   

photo below shows layers for print


Jun 29, 2013

Paul Klee artwork with Stancil and Color Tissue Paper

Today is the anniversary of Paul Klee's death.
His great quote: "Drawing is like taking a line for a walk."

I made cardboard stancil to drew Curve LINES as waves for the grid on the background

The bright color tree is color tissue paper glued on black pastal line drawing on prcut cardboard shapes.

This is inspired by Paul Klee art
The Waters of March

lisen to Art Garfunkel - Waters of March 
this is reposting,
this is one of my favorite project, adult students w/Autism of all levels
for details check back Trip to Eilat insired by Paul Klee ,


Jun 9, 2013

Artwork Youtube Presentation

 I am so proud of the artwork my student created !
presentation from last year, Special Education Public School
 viewed by 175 people