Nov 29, 2009

snail, recycle art + mix media

After the first rain the snails come out.
Recycle material:
precut snail from supermarket cardboard,
rolled magazine paper to add on backround.
Step 1: paint background, we used rolled magazine to paint instead of brushes, very messy.
Step 2: color precut cardboard snail that had a spiral line.
Step 3: once the background was dry they glued rool magazine paper to creat a 3 dimantional background and than the snail was glued.

Nov 22, 2009

Iris Magnet, Color Tissue Paper

Colorful magnets were made after a field trip to see the Iris feild.

2.5 X 7 inch magnets
strips of newspaper painted in green
line drawing of flower
color tissue paper
Step 1: rip and wrinkle color tissue paper and form many small round balls.
To upgrade and form the lines form snakes from the tissue paper.
Step 2: glue the color round paper balls on line drawings, let dry.
Step 3: prepare background, glue strips of color newspaper on magnet.
Step 4: cut around the flower and glue on magnet, add stem

Nov 2, 2009

Mix Media, Squill Flower

When the Squill Plant "Chazav" blossom it is a sign of the begining of Fall .
Step A: On a printed pattern they placed round plasticine balls to create the press pattern.
Step B: They placed white paper on the plasticine pattern, they pressed and rubbed with oil pastels to create the flower pattern in different colors.
Step C: Glue the plant pattern on cardboard and let it dry.

Step 4: They drew the background with pastels, on the bottom a ground and at the top the sky so that the squill plant reach the sky.
Step 5 : I help cut out around the flower that were in different colors, they glued the flower and added the long stem to each to form the plant.