Jun 13, 2010

complementary Colors - Blue and Orange

To continue with the Color Wheel this artproject is with the complementry colors blue and orange. Last week we did red and green
Step 1: creat a 3D fish, I gave out a photocopy drawing of fish. After creating round paper balls from newspaper they glued the round balls inside the line of fish. Then they glued a top layer of paper, pressing to form shape of fish.
We let it dry while they created the background.

Step 2: The Background is made with a precut stencil of a fish made of cardboard. They drew with color orange red and yellow using oil pastel and the fish stencil to create a background full of fish.
Using blue guache mixed with water they painted the water.

Step 3: I pre-painted magazin paper with the color orange and cut them to strips to be glued on the 3D fish.
Once I cut around the fish shape they glued the strips on the fish and added eyes with the blue pastal color.

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