Jul 16, 2010

Colorful Pin Wheel

We are waiting for a summer breeze to watch them turn.
Made with 2 layer of artwork, glued together, then cut to form a pinwheel.
The outside as you see is torn crepe paper collage on cardboard page from an old calender.
The inside, is a pastel color drawing of target board.
I predraw a small circle as a start and 4 lines showing where to cut the drawing to form the pinwheel.
Once the collage was dry we glued the 2 artwork together back to back. With alot of help they cut and glued the corners in the small circle of the target.
Then then glued a cardboard circle in the middle.
The last part I did, I using a sharp tool made a hole.
Last part of the original post below is using rubberband,
my after thought, this is not a good  idea since it does not stand well in the sun. Just use a plan smooth rope .  
Before class I premade small matchstick and rubberband to use as turning pin.
Tied string through the rubberband from one pin to the next.

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