Jun 12, 2011

RibbonWeb to Create a Design

This art project started with "game", stretching ribbons between the members of the group.

We  taped down a A3 white paper on the table in front of each member and pre cut a number of long ribbons for each member.
In the photo in the left you can see the masking tape in one corner and the pink ribbon that became part his art work.  

One at a time, each member streched a ribbon to a friend, from the edge of the table to a another member on the other side of th table. Using masking tape we attached the ribbons from one to the other.So that at the end of the "Game" the ribbons create one large web through out the table and divided each paper to many segments. Each design is different as you can see.
Using pastels , paint and stickers they filled the web on their paper. Once we finished we undo the ribbon web.

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