Nov 21, 2010

Holiday Light, Inspired by Chihuly

 Inspired by the glass artist Dale Chihuly I made this candle holder to celebrate the holiday of light, Chanukka.
The glass artist Dale Chihulyas been an inspiration for many art teachers this year.
View the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly at Litvak Gallery in Israel

My autism adult group followed those instructions:
Using a full sheet of semi transparent sandwich paper they made a collage, glueing peices of wool and color tissue paper on the paper.
Adding a top layer of glue, then folding the paper in half . 

At this stage they wapped the glass bowl with 2 layers of paper.
Then placed the  glass bowl on top of a plastic cup in a upside down position.
Placed the folded sheet ontop of the bowl and press it to form the shape as you can see on the left photo.
The paper bowls were left to dry;
When dry I plan to post a group photo of the lights.
                                                            You can see the wool pieces on the left.