Apr 28, 2010

Embossed Clay Pattern

This embossed clay project was done in 2 session.
First thing, members choose either a circle or rectangle as the art shape to work on.
The technique of forming round shape balls the size of a cherry was used to fill the shape on the cardboard.
When the whole shape was filled with clay balls they rubbed the shapes together to make it smooth and flat.
To help design the emboss design I gave each member 5 peices of rope, together we created the design by stretching each piece of the ropes from one side of the clay form to the other.
The design was embossed with a variety of tools.
Last stage was to put a light layer of glue and let it dry.

The second lesson,they mixed the color with glue.
You could see that we used a light color using alot of white so that once painted, the embossed design would not be lost.
To add interest we placed a strip of paper across the artwork, and they painted the whole artwork with the mix of color and glue.
To decorate, I gave dry roots sticks that I found by the road, they broke and placed the sticks around the art work.

The above artproject was done in one session, while the clay was soft the sticks were pressed in the clay.

Put side by side they form a wonderful artwork.


  1. What kind of clay do you use?

  2. the cheaps firing clay.
    that's why we use glue alot.
    thanks for visiting