Feb 9, 2012

Colorful Masks

Next month we have our costume carnival holiday, Purim
 so here is a post from last year that was never published

No two are the same, easy to make carnival mask.
                                                                         link to another masks for Purim.
The bottom part of the mask is a print effect,
On a precut white cardboard that was folded in the middle, they painted with guache paint. Folding in the middle often to cause the print effect on the oppisit side.
It was put to dry.

The top eye mask is a colorful crep paper collage.
They first tore color crep paper, then the form snakes or round balls from the torn paper. They glued the crep paper on the precut construction paper with the cut out eyes.
The mask was put together once the parts were dry.

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