Dec 17, 2009

6B Pencil, Shadow

The holiday Chanukka is the the holiday of "Light", and with that in mind I planned this art project. Before starting we looked at the shadow and it's colors while the dreidel turning.

Step 1, with 6B pecil they drew the background; I gave out precut cardboard shape dreidel to use as a stencil. I showed them and through out the class helped them use the stencil to form the sharp dark shape of the shadow. The idea is to repeat the dark shape over and over the board till the board is full. I tried to stress the use of pressure to make different shades of black, and the use of eraser to white out areas or rubbing with finger to soften areas.

Step 2, The dreidel cardboard stencial; which I cut from used cardboard boxs, is covered with torn white paper the members rip themselves.

Step3, Glue Dreidel on shadow background and add glitter clear paint on top.

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