Oct 21, 2009

Lizard, Paper Mache

3D paper mache lizard.
This art poject was done in 2 sessions.
Session #1:
Creation a clay lizard on a the illustration of a lizard.
Paper Mache on the clay lizard; 5 or 6 layers of strips of paper from an old telephone pages.
First layer was done with paper strips using water mix only so when dry will separate from clay easily. Glue was added to the water mix after the first layer. 4 layer of stripes of paper were layered on top op the lizard.
Top layer we used white paper.
Paper mache lizard was put to dry till next session.

Color the lizard with color gouche and let dry.
While the lizard drys the members created a background for the lizard using color sand and glue.

The next step was on the lizard, looking at the photos of the lizard they draw texture with a black marker.
At this point with my help, we cut the lizard around the form and carefuly took out the dry clay that formed the lizard.

With glue they placed the paper mache lizard on the sand background.

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