Jul 30, 2009

inspired by Van Gogh - colorful clay tablet

Beautiful work of art were made inspired by Van Gogh landscape drawing during 2 lessons.
A line drawing was choosen, I made 4 options, I simplifed Van Gogh drawings found in the internet.
On a heavy cardboard a rectangle was drawen the size of the line drawings.
From clay a block rectangle was made over the drawn rectangle.
With a pointy tool they traced the line illustration on the clay.
Once the landscape illustration was traced they were ready to work on the clay.
The lines of the drawing were formed with dry sticks and cotton rope.
Dotted designs were embossed with a variety of tools in all the areas of the landscape.
Last stage was to put a light layer of glue and let it dry.
The second lesson, the clay was dry.
A heavy layer of glue was rubbed on and around clay so that the artwork will be strong on the board.
Color gauche were mixed to form the color of the sky and fields .
Last stage was to color the artwork.

They all created beautiful clay tablet.

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